I am so excited you are here!

My name is Baylee Mather and I have created this little space for grace to share my writing with you. I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with my husband, Caleb, and my pitbull, Willie. Caleb and I have been gifted the most precious opportunity to teach sweet angel babies at Lincoln Christian School right here in Oklahoma. 

I fell in love with writing the moment I received my first journal and pack of pens. Putting pen to paper, I found I have the ability to correctly process my rejections and my celebrations through a filter of truth, love, and grace. And this filter can only be obtained when I allow myself to sit in the midst of God's presence and allow Him to fill my heart and my mind.

Writing unspirals the unknowns in my heart and provides a pathway for me to meet God. You will find that my grace space is filled with love letters strung from my heart to that of God's. And what a sweet gift it is that you are here in my sacred space, reading and growing alongside me. It is my prayer that we can link arms through your glowing screen and seek God's guidance, love, and direction together. The door is open and my glass lamps are glowing. Consider this your personal invitation into my sacred space for grace. You are welcome here.