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Gaps & Grace

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in one season looking forward to the next. I am driven by my to-do list. I think if I could just do more, I would be more. I want to accomplish all I set my mind to, even if that means falling into traps of perfection along the way.

When I set my sights on where I am going, I often forget to pause. Relationships are set aside. Quiet is set aside. I am fixated on the future, packing my mind with plans. And this, my friend, is when a little gap in my soul starts to form. When I finally get still, I wonder what gifts God placed on my path that I didn’t take time to unwrap. Were there opportunities along the way to share my struggles or celebrate my faith that I rushed right past? Was there a chance for someone in my circle to see my mess and learn about God’s mercy? I find that in these times of wondering, I have allowed my works to establish my path and plans.

Do you ever find yourself in one season looking forward to the next? Do you feel hijacked by hustle? I know I am not the only one with a soul set to the rhythm of rush. Let’s unpack three truths we can tuck in our heart when we desperately need a pace of grace.

Find balance

We cannot set our sights on where we are going and forget the importance of loading up our days the right way. Our first focus should be getting into God’s Word. His wisdom will provide the guidance and direction we need to properly process the day ahead. Once we receive the daily Wisdom our soul so desperately needs, we can then discern our most important assignments. God will refresh our focus and help us find a perfect balance between spending time with Him and setting out to work for Him.

Create boundaries…

Exhausted and depleted by the constant demands of our day, the enemy tries to steal the best of who we are. When Jesus was at His lowest, the enemy was loudest. Jesus was tempted in the wilderness when the devil took advantage of the fact that He was hungry, worn, tired, lonely, and stretched completely thin. The enemy does the same to us. When we find ourselves in this very state, our minds scream with worries and lies. We believe we need to do more, be more, and try harder so we will be loved, accepted, and complete. In times like this, we must guard our energy, focus, and attention. We need to create clear boundaries that help us slow down the speed of our soul. When we form boundaries, we are aware of our personal limits. When we know our personal limits, we make the very best decisions for how we will spend our soul.

 Remember your need for room to breathe…

God waits for us to end our pursuit of perfection so He can begin His good work in us. By creating a space for grace, we allow ourselves to rest and reflect on our past experiences. We rest in the fact that there is not one day ahead God hasn’t seen. His plans always prevail, no matter how much we pack into our schedule. We reflect on our past experiences and how we can create better boundaries that will provide a sense of balance in our lives. We can then walk in daily obedience to God’s Word and direction, rather than charting our own course.

Our commitments and accomplishments should not drive our lives. We should be focused on spending time with God, and being filled up by Him, before setting out to work for Him. Pause and enjoy His peace. Ask God to help you find balance, create boundaries, and find time to breathe. In doing so, you will fill your soul with His peace and love, not your own plans, perfection, or personal desires.  And this, my friend, is when you will find God’s pace of grace. 

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