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Fear Is a Liar


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it's week 2 of #fearlessfriday!

I am so happy you are here! Last week, we had an incredible message written by the one and only Amanda McKim. If you haven't already, check her post out. It will soothe your soul. But before we start, can I just let you in on a little secret? God challenged me so deeply in writing this article, turning my writing process upside down. I hope these words ignite something in your heart and help you chase down your fears.

XOXO, Baylee



Fear has me in a chokehold. Looking beyond the things God is moving and pruning within me and wishing and wanting and grasping new things that aren’t even mine. Things in the past that need let go. Things in the future I haven’t even earned yet. Things I wasn’t told to touch. Things I know are not for me. Can you relate?

I feel like I am standing on the edge of a lush, dense forest that is filled with possibility and opportunity. The greenery is magnificent and the blessings of God are tangible. But fear is keeping me from trekking into the unknown. Fear is telling me what I left behind is better. Fear is telling me I don't belong here, that God’s cistern of blessings has run dry.

And the voice of fear is louder than the Voice of Truth. The voice of fear has woven it’s way into my mind, making me believe that God cannot take this confusion and tattered thought pattern and make something new. As new as lush leaves dripping with dew, fields of green dancing in color.

I must admit I have believed the lie that God needs to give me new things- new circumstances, new relationships, new apologies, new blessings for me to be complete. That once I receive, I can believe all of the things He has spoken over me. That I am whole and complete and worthy. That the work I do with my heart and the work I do with my hands is significant. But can I whisper the truth God is trying to impress on my heart? He is making all things new, not all new things. All things- insecurities, hurt, thought patterns, relationships, circumstances, whatever is in you and whatever is in me- new. God can take the hurt and heartache, the difficult people and messed up relationships, and infuse His perspective. A perspective He has been waiting to illuminate all along.

Fear has filled our hearts and tricked us into believing we need new things, a fresh start, to be complete. But since we are meeting here together, wrestling this fear stuff out, can I tell you the truth? We must create a space for Grace to work and weave and make our thoughts and rhythms and dreams new. Not brand new. But breakthrough new.

The tantalizing rearview clouds the breakthrough. We believe the things behind were not as hard and confusing and quiet as the present. That God seemed to be working but now He is resting, not listening, not opening His hand to prayer. And this is where fear tells me I will run out. Of faith. Of discernment. Of joy. Of trust. Fear tells me that God cannot meet my needs. That God may be God, but He is not always good at being God. Have you been down this road before?

And this is when we are suffocated by the temptation to look behind because we believe the lie that God won’t meet us here, in this. But can I challenge you to take off your blinders? What is behind is complete. Yes, we can tuck the lessons we learned into our toolbox and press into that wisdom when the opportunity presents itself. But if we are hyper-focused on moving and manipulating and pressing into the past for answers, we will miss what God is formulating for a breakthrough. Yes, we can see the fresh beginning of seasons past, filled with an aura of opportunity and a scent so sweet. There is also the pruning and pressing of the middle ground, but we know how God showed up when things were hard. We know how faith and grace and love made their grand appearance and tied up all of the loose ends to make the story complete. But in these moments, it is our natural instinct to compare a journey of the past with our present travel arrangements. And it is then we miss our invitation to let go and grow in freedom because we are frozen with fear, unable to see what God is making new.

But instead of God rushing in to recover our mind and uncover the truth, He walks with us along the wake. He gives breathing room. He allows us to see and look and listen. God gives the space we need to humbly reach for grace, a resting place in the field of dreams, basking on the brink of a breakthrough.

We will bloom where we are planted, a new pasture is not the answer. May we have the spiritual confidence to intentionally seep deep into the soil, trusting something new will sprout up out of the very place where dreams and relationships and love have died. And even when it hurts, even when we are betrayed and disappointed and confused, may we stand tall at the crossroads and know the Cross is our road. That at the intersection of love and loss there is truth: God is making me new and He is leading me to my breakthrough.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I am doing a new thing. I invite you to ask questions, to tell Me exactly how you feel in the darkness. I know you better than you think. I have seen the things you chase, the things behind you are still holding. I know the way you have walked alone, the way you have spoken to yourself. Fear has held you far too long. When you are ready, I am here...

Come, follow Me.


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stay tuned!

I love having you here in my little space for grace. Come back and visit next Friday! We will have another special guest on the blog tackling this topic of fear. Until next time...xoxo!

Fear Is a Liar

Fear Is a Liar