Based in Maryville, missouri a space for grace is a blog by baylee mather. Her posts encourage & equip women to seek god and find his goodness and grace each and every day.

The Invitation Within


It is through the wonder of Jesus that we take hold of the mysteries that are new and renewed each mornings wake. Our marriage to the mystery is the binding of hope. God believes in us (the Creator, the One who breathed creation into being). His belief isn’t based on our abilities, but on our inabilities, our disabilities. It is through our disability that we see our direct ability to abide and dwell in His presence. To receive the holy whispers of Thy will. To experience a grace so sweet that doesn’t make a bit of sense. It is Wonder. This is Mystery.

in the soil i now surrender

Called forth into our field of dreams, the time has come to open our invitation. Plow around, prepare your landscape for planting. A new day is dawning. A new season is seeping through.

You are breaking new ground

The taking and breaking of new ground isn’t by the sweat of our brow or the efficiency of our hands and feet. The doors we build or the purposes we plant are temporary. We cannot see beyond or be behind. Christ is our leader, our guide. He goes before and sees behind, our rear guard of protection. We do not have the ability to bust through those doors we build or bask in the soil of our very own fields. When we truly surrender to the growing and the guiding, we come to His feet with a posture of surrender. We show with our hearts and open hands that we will yield. We will release our white-knuckled grip, and just be. Palms up, open and receptive.

and so i yield to You and to Your careful hand

How many ways can I teach and preach, reaching into the soil of my own soul, that this all isn’t up to me?

when i trust You i don’t need to understand

Pull the weeds. Drink in the Living Water. Take in the Divine Sunshine. The light does always shine through the darkness. In our allotted boundaries, there is abundance. And the abundance is from greeting and meeting Jesus at the first crack of sunlight. Stewarding servanthood. Seeking to serve.

make me Your vessel, make me an offering

The tug, the burden beyond the belief is the prodding to pour out. To give. To share the mystery of your marriage to Christ and how His divine nature nurtures every single disability of the soul. In the crushing, in the pressing, He is preparing the soil to yield. Waiting for our Water. Holy surrender.

make me whatever You want me to be

This is the invitation within. Planted in the soil of our soul from the beginning of time.

Heavenly Father,
As Your Spirit graces through the small breeze, may we take in the mystery of these moments. We wait for our Water, the washing of rain splashing over dry bones. The darkness in the dust is temporary, but the sprouting and new life from the seeds sown is promised. The refreshing wind is on its way and pruning is sure to follow. This is Your cutting of the old weight to bring forth fresh fruit. Palms up, we receive Your rain. We are unbreakable because a green spring is coming.

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